I want to send some flowers What information do you need? 

As we prepare your delivery, we do require a few key pieces of information which include: first and last name, full address with suite number if applicable, city and phone number. When possible, please provide buzzer code and any instructions for a successful delivery (side door entrance). 

How much notice is required for a delivery? 

For same day orders within the Toronto and GTA,  we require orders to be placed by 10am. Delivery days run Tuesday - Saturday. 
Local orders in postal codes M1N, M1M, M1K, M1L, M1J, M4E, M4C, M4K, orders can be placed up to 12pm.  

Any orders placed after these times may be fulfilled on the next operational delivery date.  

I need flowers for Sunday or Monday. Can I arrange a delivery?

We may be able to accommodate some orders for these dates with advance notice and communication from our team. Please contact the store for options. 

I see your order selections, but it's not exactly what I am looking for. Can we design something else?

Absolutely! Our selections are items that are particularly popular but we can tailor any particular flowers to you. It's best to call the store and speak with one of our designers to have us put together something special for you.   

I am ordering flowers for Mother's Day. Can I have my parcel delivered at a specific time?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of deliveries on Valentine's Day, we cannot guarantee a delivery time. Parcels will be delivered in the standard delivery window. If you need further accommodations for delivery, please contact the store. 416-690-6987

When will my delivery be complete? 

Our delivery services run throughout the course of the day. Residential deliveries are completed throughout the day from 9 am through 7 pm and business deliveries from 9 am through 5 pm. For timed deliveries or deliveries windows, direct drive courier services are required for an extra fee. Please contact the store for those options.

Have my flowers been delivered? I haven't gotten a response from my friend. 

Our motto when it comes to flower deliveries is "No news from us is good news". This means our drivers have connected with the recipient and the parcel has been delivered by hand or porch drop off (weather and street exposure permitting). If you receive a call from us regarding your delivery, we are likely requiring additional information in regards to the delivery location (i.e. additional phone number). When sending flowers, not always will the recipient call right away to say they have received them, particularly in times of sympathy. 

How long will my flowers last? 

Each variety of flowers have varying durations of their bloom time. Of course, the climate of the space they are exposed to will also be factored into their best look.  Flowers should be celebrated for the moment, much like a birthday or special anniversary. To keep them at their best display, change the water of your flowers and add flower food when provided. A cooler atmosphere will also help with their longevity. 

Our flowers are freshly delivered and are guaranteed to last 24 hours. Should you notice that the flowers are wilted or not lasting as they should in that window, please reach out within 24 hours of receiving them. You can connect with us by phone or email. In these circumstances we will ask that you return the imperfect stems or email us photos so that we may report the quality to our vendors.